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Serving Ridgebury, Smithfield, Ulster, Sheshequin and designated areas of Springfield Townships since 1957. We are fortunate and proud to be a part of your community. The traditions of dedication, self-sacrifice and courage are the traditions that Tri-Township Ambulance Association remains committed to providing quality emergency medical care to our community's residents. With over 60 volunteer members, we are here to serve you 24 hours a day/7 days a week.


Who We Are

Tri Township Ambulance Association is located in the beautiful Endless Hills region of Bradford County, Pennsylvania. We are a part of the Bradford Susquehanna Emergency Medical Services, each division is also assoicated with their local fire departments. All Tri-Township units are BLS-(Basic Life Support)-Level of care provided by EMS which includes bleeding control, CPR, splinting, basic airway management, oxygen administration, and assisting the advanced provider. A minimum of two basic emergency medical technicians (EMT's) staff our BLS units. This level of ambulance service is designed for non-ambulatory, stretcher bound patients who do not require sophisticated medical therapy while in transit.

  • BLS ambulance service is available for "stand-by" events such as fire calls, mutual aid and firework shows.
  • BLS transfers can be scheduled in advance or with little or short notice. Our dispatch center will clarify any questions or concerns related to selecting a proper ambulance type.

    2009-2010 Officials

    President - Terry Husted

    Vice President - Dick Yale

    Secretary - Heather Clark

    Treasurer - Diane Husted

    Board Of Directors

    Karen Bixby             Rose Marie Jenney

    Tom Cox                Janette Holdren 

    Tim Cahill                James Campbell

    Rex Stage                Ken Cooke

    Beth Altieri                Andrew Phillips

    Howard Maines         Mike Drake Sr.

    Shannon Cahill         Heather Clark

    Art Page

    Lifetime Board Of Director Members

    Terry Husted            Ardith Harkness

    Diane Husted           Wallace Nichols

    Richard Yale             Jack Ellsworth

    Ken Beauman


    Tri Township News & Events

    Please send information, photos, questions or comments to Amy Moody at the email address listed below.

    Our History

    It all began back on November 29, 1950 when Gordon E. Farr a local undertaker offered his panel truck as an emergency unit to attend fires and carry first aid equipment. Back in those days all the fire and ambulance calls were dispatched by the Farrs from their home. In August of 1957, it became apparent that it was getting more than could be handled by the few that were on 24 hour duty. The group of volunteers decided to form an association known as "First Aid Corps." The name later changed to the now Tri-Township Ambulance Association when coverage expanded to Ulster, Sheshequin, East Smithfield and Ridgebury Townships.

    The founding members are as follows: Jack Watkins, Raymon Yale, Roger Congdon, Leah Congdon, Dewitt Rowe, Jay Sinsabough, Gordon Farr, Henry Rockwell, Andrew Eiffert and Grace Eiffert from Ulster Township. Wallace Nichols, Ralph Adams and Hayward Coldiron from East Smithfield Township. The first officers were President, Jack Watkins; Vice President, Raymon Yale; Secretary-Treasurer, Grace Eiffert and Captain, Roger Congdon.

    The Name "Tri-Township Ambulance" was registered with the Department Of State on October 1, 1957. According to court documentation dated and signed by the founding members on October 10, 1957, the purposes for which the corporation is formed are "To furnish transportation by ambulance for any of its members or other persons to or from any point within a radius of one hundred (100) miles of the Village of Ulster, Ulster Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in case of sickness or accident." A Decree Of Incorporation was entered on October 16, 1957 at 1:35 PM by the Court of Common Pleas of Bradford County, Pennsylvania.We were chartered on October 21, 1957 and officially went into service on October 29, 1957 with the first ambulance being a 1949 Cadillac Superior valued at $2,100.00.